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Qualify For Up To $50,000 To Purchase A Vehicle.

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  • Low Credit Scores,
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Our Auto Loan Customers Can Now Purchase Nearly New Vehicles With Factory Warranties.

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Unlike other auto loan websites, we never ask you for your social security number online.

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Auto Loans For Everyone

Auto Loans for everyone

No matter what your credit situation we work with specific lenders that WANT to give you auto credit.

Our direct auto lenders work in the good credit (sometimes referred to as prime credit), average credit and bad credit (sometimes referred to as sub-prime) markets.

As long as you have a minimum income of $1,700 per month you can be approved.

Financing for used / nearly new vehicles from local auto dealers is what we specialize in.

Must be a resident of the U.S. and be at least 18 years old.

Specialist Auto Loans For Special Situations


Bad things happen to good people – we understand that and work hard to make sure our goal of 100% approval is achieved.

No matter what has happened in your past, our lenders are understanding.

  • Bankruptcies are OK.
  • Repossessions are OK.
  • Slow Payments are OK.
  • Divorced Credit is OK.
  • First Time Buyers are OK.
  • Short Sales are OK.
  • Foreclosures are OK.

Better Automobiles with Better Credit Rates


Even Bad Credit Customers can now purchase nearly new vehicles with factory warranties and low mileage.

No need for high mileage, older, cheaper vehicles with no warranties from Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealers that can charge a high payment for a not-so-great vehicle, used car, truck or suv.

Our network of dealers are ready to work with you and finance your next vehicle.

Better cars are now available than ever before.

Car Finance For The Credit Challenged:

Don’t let your past get in the way of your future!

All Approvals are subject to Employment / Residency / Income verification.

Downpayments may be required on certain auto loans.

All credit approvals, loan amounts, interest rates and loan terms are based on auto credit lender risk factors such as vehicle selection, equity position in of the auto loan, income level, time on job, time at residency, number of bankruptcies, number of repossessions and their frequency.

Many other factors may affect approval of an auto loan.

Your information is private and will only be used for the purposes of gaining auto credit approval from a lender and or auto dealership. This website is copyright protected by Color Coded Car Buying LLC.

Our Vehicle Loan Applications Are The QUICKEST credit apps. online for used car loans.

Monkey Manager Easy Auto Loans Good or Bad Credit OK Featured Auto Dealer Group:

Voila! Auto

  • With 2 Locations in Orlando, FL Voila! Auto has proven that people with low credit scores are now able to purchase much nicer ‘nearly new’ vehicles.
  • With approx. $3m of vehicle inventory and access to thousands more cars, Voila! Auto is a great example of how people no longer have to visit a Buy Here Pay Here auto dealer and end up with a high payment on an older car with higher mileage.
  • Voila! Auto has helped people just like you with auto credit challenges.

Credit History should be just that…your credit past. is the answer to easier car credit and better cars. is the answer to easier car credit and better cars. puts the customer in control. gives the customer more vehicle choice. is a one-stop-shop for auto credit no matter what your credit history. Good or bad credit our goal is 100% Approval. finds auto credit solutions, not problems.

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